Sushi Go!

4 Chits, 4 Giggles

This game makes me hungry. Sushi Go finally got a reprint from Gamewright and the art has been completely redone. It goes to show how important good art is in a game as the 1st edition looked like it fell out the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

The game play is simple yet brilliant. It is a set collection card game, each player starts with a hand of cards, they take one, play it face down then pass on their hand. Everyone reveals the cards they played and looks at the new hand they just received ready to play the next card... Then everyone gets mean. As much as Sushi Go is about trying to get the cards you need played to your score area, multiples or combos of certain cards score you big points, it is also about preventing other players from getting their sets. Don't let them get that last piece of sashimi!!! They'll score a million points and you'll be chasing their score for the rest of the game. Oh sashimi...

You also have to think about the final scoring round as you can collect puddings throughout the game. These stay in your score area and are counted up at the end of the game. If you have the least you are going to lose a lot of points, if you have the most you will score a lot of points - Always leave room for desserts!

There are some tricky choices and for such a simple game it can lead to some severe brain ache as you try to remember all the hands you've seen on the way round the table. What do

You need? What is in the next hand you are about to receive? Do you remember? DO YOU???

Gamewright have released several fantastic games,and for me this is up there with cube quest and forbidden island. I think the mechanics of this game are very solid, it could be re-themed in loads of different ways in the same way as munchkin, fluxx and love letter have. I'd love to see Monster Go on the shelf. You play a beastie hunter, over 3 nights you must capture as many monsters as you can but the other hunters are out there in the darkness too. Who will catch the most horrors? Who will be the ultimate monster hunter?

Oh my, I think I have a game to make!

Sushi Go is a must have. It's a great party game that is simple to understand. A lovely game for 'family get-togethers' and an amazing intro game for non-gamers. You need Sushi Go in your collection. What are you waiting for? Sushi GO GO GO!!

Review by David Murcutt