Game Designer Top Trumps


When visiting game exhibitions and conventions like Essen, I have always struggled to identify games designers. I have at times bought a game from the designer without even knowing!! I remember as a child when it came to being able to identify cars, planes or even sports personalities my most useful tool was a simple game called Top Trumps. Why not use this same approach to learn what game designers look like and some of their most popular games? Below are the first 14 cards in my Top Trumps Game Designer Edition!

So you will see on each card there are 4 categories and I thought it would be best to clarify what each category means.

Ranked Games -  This is simply how many games on which are both ranked and have credited this designer as of 20th January 2016.

Highest Ranked Game - This is the highest ranked game they are credited for on as of 20th January 2016.

Spiel Des Jahres Nominations - These are how many games that have been nominated for a Spiel Des Jahres or special award. Games that won an award are not included.

Spiel Des Jahres Wins - These are games with have either won the Spiel Des Jahres, Kennerspiel Des Jahres or Kinderspiel Des Jahres.  

I have added a print a play at the bottom of the page. If you print the pages at 100% the cards should be standard 2.5" x 3.5" and fit in MTG card sleeves.

*I am going to put my hands up now and say that this game is purely for fun and it is highly likely that I may have missed some awards or nominations. Please contact me and let me know if that is the case and I will gladly change the cards. I also do not claim to own any of the images used in the making of this game.

Download the Print & Play here.