August Update

Hello there. How are you? Good? I hope so. I’m fine, thanks for asking.

You and any astute person reading this might have noticed that we haven’t been very active lately, and for that we lower our heads in shame. Our bad. What is the reason for this? Is it even a good excuse? Well, it’s been various things. For me, I’ve spent the past two weeks in France, enjoying the sunshine, the cheese, the pastries, the wine, more pastries, the sights, delightful treats made of flaked, cooked dough etc. All of this without the presence of reliable WiFi to type up anything for the website. Ben on the other hand, when not avoiding deadly creatures over in their HQ (Australia), has been climbing his way up the board game industry ladder, and now has himself a job with a big distributor. Therefore any queries about the lack of good games over there can be directed to Ben now. You’re welcome. As for Dave, well he’s either been out in the English vales vanquishing dragons, having sword fights and curtailing troublemakers, or he has in fact been doing a bloody good job teaching and has only just reached the precious time off that is the summer holidays.

There you have it, our excuse. TLDR; busy-ness. Our personal lives keep keeping our daily calendars full up, something we can all relate to I’m sure. But we haven’t forgotten about board games, oh no. In fact, while I was out in France I played games almost every day, and I managed a little stop in on a few games cafes and shops in our more classy neighbour land (see the pictures in this article for proof.) The content that we hope you enjoy has still been created, but we haven’t uploaded it yet. Again, our bad. I hope you can forgive that, but we also hope that you can stick with us while we start putting it all through the process. Because that’s what we’d like, lots more freshly baked content for you to enjoy, and it’s coming soon.

That’s it really. So I guess keep an eye out and we’ll be back on schedule as soon as we can. Sayonara!

Written by Russell Chapman